Marriage & Family Counseling & Life Coaching


You are one step closer in living a more rewarding and satisfying life with less stress. Some benefits from counseling include: saving your marriage, managing anxiety, depression, and anger, improving communication skills, boosting self-esteem/ confidence, learning how to forgive, and moving forward to the next chapter of your life.

Counseling can be the place to look at when things are not working and it can be the place to build on the things that are working. It creates a real opportunity to look at the choices, decisions, and behaviors that impact you, your family and friends. And, whatever may affect your relationships with others. However, interacting with counseling sessions can help you come up with a game plan that would develop the right approach to make changes; you would like to see within yourself and your family relationships.

In counseling, couples and individuals gain new perspectives and learn more effective ways of correcting the interactions and patterns that led them to frustration, hurt, distrust, and misunderstandings. Through counseling, many sources of negative feelings can be resolved through support and consistency, which make a happy start towards a bright future.

-Yorie Gipson



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